Mayan ‘end of world’ prophecy fails! Well, that was predictable…

End of the world? Oh wait...
End of the world? Oh wait…

What? You’re still in your underground bunker, stocked up with a million tins of baked beans, brussel sprouts for Christmas and infinite cans of Pepsi Max? Hope you have an equally massive supply of toilet rolls in your bunker as well! You’re gonna need it with that cocktail!

REM’s Its the end of the world as we know it….blasting from the stereo as a suitable ‘end of the world’ soundtrack.

But wait…doesn’t that song continue …and I feel fine?

Yes, quite appropriate then.

No, you really can come out, and you can take off the gas mask…I’m not wearing mine and I’m fine *falls to the floor with mock seizure*!

Aha, sorry, only kidding…yes, I know, poor taste joke.

The Mayan prophecy that the world would end 21/12/2012 was, clearly, false. It went to that great failed prophecy retirement home in the sky, along with end of world prophecies by (possibly slightly senile) American Pastors…  (apologies to perfectly well adjusted senile American Pastors).

There is of course a serious side to this, some people did take it far too seriously and did prepare bunkers, stocked up on supplies…although I’m not quite sure how an extra thermal sleeping bag will help you if the world ends. When ye olde American Pastor Harold Camping predicted the world would end on 21 May, around 6pm if you want precision, some people gave away all their life savings. That ain’t funny at all. But he’s made predictions before, which have obviously been wrong, and when the world continued on its merry way on 21 May at 6:01pm, he said he had miscalculated (no way!) and did a recalculation. You’d think people would learn…

Some people (I don’t mean conspiracy theorists…well…okay, I do…) will fall for anything although, as they will tell you, just because they’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you (Mulder and Scully on speed dial).

There is however, one cast iron foolproof way to tell if someone is correct or not when they name the date, sometimes the time and the date, when the world will end. It’s found in the book of Mark in the Bible, chapter 13 and verse 31-32:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. No-one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (emphasis mine)

So there you have it. No-one, that means, well, no-one, no-one at all (not even the Mayans or Harold Camping or David Icke or anyone else), knows when the world will end, only God the Father in heaven.

So if anyone tells you they know or can predict or prophecy when the world will end, they’re wrong, it’s as simple as that.

So, next time, good people, no need to grab the gas mask, tins of beans and dive into the bunker…because no-one knows except God Himself.

There is the added benefit that God has made all the provision we need for when He closes the curtains on fallen human history. He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins and rise from the dead, defeating the power of death. Whoever believes in Him has no need to fear death, no matter how it arrives.

Now that’s what I call provision!

Remember, if anyone tells you they know when the world will end, point them to Mark 13:31-32, and tell them only God knows that particular date 🙂

Thanks for reading .

That explains it...
That explains it…

One comment

  1. Thanks for bringing a little bit of genuine Biblical perspective to this whole crazy question. I agree: everyone who thinks he or she knows when this world will be destroyed and re-created is wrong.

    I would go even farther and say that the idea that the *physical* world is going to end is wrong, and non-Biblical.

    As the Mayans themselves will tell you, the Mayan Calender does not predict the end of the world. It charts the coming and going of various spiritual ages of humanity as seen from that particular religious and cultural perspective.

    The Bible also does not predict the end of the world. If it were translated correctly, it would say, “the end of the age,” or “the end of the era.”

    Further, the events described in the book of Revelation take place in the *spiritual* world, not the material world. The coming of Christ was the “end of the age” that was predicted by the Old Testament prophets . . . and the world kept right on turning. Similarly, in these days of the predicted Second Coming of Christ, the world will keep right on turning. It is spiritual changes, not physical changes that the Bible is talking about.

    I wrote up my particular religious perspective on this whole issue here:

    Thanks again for bringing a bit of sense to the nonsense! 🙂

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