Anything is possible if…

Anything Is Possible
Anything Is Possible

…you have faith.

Actually that’s not strictly true.

The truer statement is that anything is possible if you have faith in Jesus Christ.

The words of Jesus in John 20:16 should be enough to convince us that anything is possible if we believe in, have faith in, the man who spoke to Mary, the same man who speaks to us today.

John 20:16, “Jesus said to her, “Mary.“”

Why is this so amazing that it should convince us anything is possible through faith in Jesus Christ?

When Jesus says “Mary”, Mary heard, and we hear today, the words of a man who, according to human logic and wisdom, shouldn’t be there and certainly shouldn’t be speaking.

Jesus was dead, He had been tortured and crucified. His disciples and friends and family had watched Him suffer, bleed and die. His disciples were disillusioned because the man they thought was the Son of God was dead. Mary was mourning because Jesus was dead. It was all over, the hope, the promise, the future itself, it was all over because Jesus was dead.

Wait a minute…if Jesus was dead, then how is He standing here calling Mary’s name?

If Jesus is dead then how is He calling our names, yours and mine, every single day to get our attention and to show us the evidence, of Himself alive after death, to convince us to believe?

When Jesus called Mary’s name, when He calls our name today, He shows irrefutably and irreversibly that He is alive and rose from the dead.

Jesus died, for us, but rose from the dead, defeating death in all its forms forever.

Anything is possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

In J I Packer’s book, Knowing God, Packer says the message of Jesus is amazing because “…the realities with which it deals pass our understanding.” (Chapter 5, God Incarnate, first paragraph)

Many people don’t have faith because they don’t, or refuse to, believe. They don’t believe the evidence presented by Jesus because it goes beyond their ability to understand, from a finite human perspective.  They say this is impossible, rising from the dead is impossible. People don’t come back when they die. Well we’re not dealing with ‘people’ here, we’re dealing with Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God, God incarnate, God walking and talking with men, women and children when He walked this earth.

The Bible gives us this account of Jesus after His death.

This record has been given to us in written form as a testimony to the fact that Jesus came back from the dead. In that one act, God was and is saying to us that anything is possible for those who put their faith in Jesus.

That thing you think you can’t do because it’s beyond your understanding? According to your beliefs it can’t happen, according to everything your eyes have shown you up until now, it’s impossible. Once you had hope but according to the evidence you have seen with your own eyes, it’s impossible now, hope is gone, the future you hoped for is gone, dead and buried, dead as a very very dead thing.

Jesus’ resurrection turns everything on its head.

Jesus’ resurrection shows what is possible when the evidence says ‘impossible’.

Jesus’ life after His death shows that faith in Him can defy the evidence of impossibility.

Mary thought Jesus was dead.

Mary knew Jesus was dead.

Mary had watched Jesus die.

Jesus said to her, “Mary.”

Mary believed…and her world was transformed.

Anything was possible.

Thanks for reading.

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