Glass always full.
Glass always full.

Easier said than believed I know.

But still.

It’s a thought.

What does it mean?


…that the glass is half full with hope…

…and the other half, even if more pessimistic…

…is still very much redeemable.

I like that thought, ‘redeemable pessimism’. Means things can be ‘turned around’ and that’s a great way to think 🙂


…the glass is, technically…

…always full.

As I say, easier said than done I know.

But…but…but…give it a try, whatever pessimism you feel, there will be ways of turning it around. This isn’t denying the reality of life’s toughness; it’s recognising the reality that hope is always there, sometimes fighting for a way through. Give it a helping hand, help it break the surface, it might just reward you in the most amazing ways.

The glass is, technically, always full.

It’s a thought :-)

Thanks for reading.



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