How to make a joyful noise (mime…basically)!

A joyful noise...
A joyful noise…

I love the Psalms.

Sometimes in the car I play a Psalms of Scotland cd and pretend I’m one of the singers. It’s the only time I win awards for ‘awesome voice of the year’.

Of course I can’t sing, certainly nothing remotely in tune. I learned fast that it’s always good to stand next to a good singer, or at least one better than you. Once in church I had the bizarre experience of turning round and seeing a man singing in a high pitched woman’s voice. I was momentarily flummoxed! I wondered if instead of the standard church mint (Extra Strong Mints for me, definitely not a Fisherman’s Friend, which incinerates everything in your mouth and is technically a weapon of mass destruction) he had been sucking on a helium balloon? Then I realised he was standing next to a pillar behind which was a woman singing heartily. The bloke was clearly taking advantage and miming. Clever fellow.

That is how to make a joyful noise unto the Lord even if, especially if, you can’t sing :-)

I used to sing the Psalms in a choir years ago at Bible College. As I’ve said, I can’t sing, so I just stood the furthest possible distance from the microphone. At the same Bible College, in the choir I found myself standing with a very deep bass voiced Welshman on one side and a gravelly voiced bloke from Northern Ireland on the other. Both weren’t great singers (sorry!) but I found that if I mimed I could replicate their voices perfectly. It was my contribution to cross-cultural communication :-)

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