Happiness Engineers!

Happiness Engineers! (Paramount Pictures)
Happiness Engineers! (Paramount Pictures)

Not so long ago I was looking through the options for deleting a blog and the relevant WordPress page listed several options, from simply changing a URL address to removing the current content from a blog so you can start it again afresh.

When I tried the latter option an instruction appeared which said that a WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer’ would help me through the process if I wanted, or words to that effect.

I couldn’t help thinking, “What a wonderful title and job!”

Imagine in life, if you were really struggling with something, having a tough time, found your confidence dented, not knowing how to cope with any given situation, that you could simply pick up the phone, press a relevant speed dial button, send an email (HappinessEngineer@Happy.com?), send a text message, and be put straight through to  your own personal Happiness Engineer!

Of course, we may already have Happiness Engineers in various guises…friends, family, chocolate, coffee, music, books, faith, meditation, our kids (if you have them of course and sometimes even when they’re being annoying), a calming view, painting, a console game, memories, it can be all sorts of things.

Then I wondered if I, or any of us, saw an advert in a newspaper or job centre for a ‘Happiness Engineer’ and the requirement, “Must have the ability to make people happy…even if you can’t solve the problem”, how many of us would apply and how would the interviewer decide if we were the right person for the job? Presumably we’d want to end the interview having made them feel pretty happy 🙂

The worrying thing for me is that when my mind first received the idea of a Happiness Engineer, it immediately presented me with the image of an Oompa Loompa.

Oh dear…

Thanks for reading.

What, or who, is your happiness engineer?

ps. my young niece loves all things Willy Wonka, so maybe that explains it.


  1. Agree totally! For those fortunate to have a strong family bond (I do) it provides immense support. I can’t say I’m always in a prayerful spirit (though I know I should be) but when I don’t pray, I feel something lacking.

    Thanks for reply 🙂

  2. I love the idea of a Happiness Engineer! I think we could all use one who follows us around all the time. I would say mine would be chocolate, or bread, or any other carb that is a diet-ruiner.

    • When you said “one who follows us around all the time”…for some reason I thought of the dog! No matter where you go in the house he always plods after you! I think that’s more in hope of food though 😉

      Diet-ruining carbs…a common happiness lifebelt, I think they give a ‘buzz’ of sorts.

      Curious you say chocolate…or bread! I confess I love fresh bread myself. Used to eat it plain with nothing on it. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

      Thanks for comment and enjoy your day,

  3. If wishes were fishes…I’d be a Corporate / Church Jester, the person who speaks the truth but does it in a ridiculously audacious way that causes people to publicly laugh and privately confront themselves.

    Actually I already am but I don’t get paid for it or get to wear a hat with bells which would make me abundantly happy(er). Admittedly, there is always a fear that I will be fired or kicked out of Church but in as much that its a fear, it is the fearlessness of choosing the truth that makes me the happiest.

    • Love the idea of a Corporate/Church Jester! I think you’re right, often conveying a truth, or even just an ‘out there’ idea in a funny way can hit home where making the point in a serious way hits the ceiling and falls flat.

      Ever thought of joining a theatre group? Then you could visibly be all those things you’d love to be 🙂

      “it is the fearlessness of choosing the truth that makes me the happiest”. Love that.

      Thanks for comment.
      ps. I think the Church is full of Jesters, they just aren’t aware they’re doing it!

      • Thanks James! I’ve had “Acting” suggested to me by several people but I don’t think it would make me happy. Me, being me makes me happy and the thought of “acting” like someone else doesn’t.

        P.S. I think in American Churches there are a lot of Fools who don’t realize it and not enough Jesters. Though I have faith that God is in the progress of making effective staffing changes.


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