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Out of Darkness

Out of Darkness

Lucy Mills

Here’s a surprise for you – I’ve published a new collection of poems and prayers, currently only on Kindle for the special introductory price of 99p!

Out of Darkness
I’ve not made a huge fanfare about it because, unlike my other anthologies, I’m not raising money with it, simply sharing a journey. It’s a journey from darkness to resurrection – and thus particularly appropriate for Lent.

I’d been thinking of releasing a seasonal anthology for some time, initially contemplating a resource of liturgies and prayers.  This has not been fully possible owing to time and energy constraints, but Out of Darkness contains poems and prayers that progress from a place of darkness to a place of resurrection.

This is a subtle progression rather than heavily prescriptive – pulling poems from various points in life where things have been a struggle and then leading towards a sense of God in the dark with…

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