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What gets you through the night?

Distract the blues away... :-)

Distract the blues away… 🙂

Last night was, if I’m honest, a fairly bad night.

Couldn’t sleep, negative thoughts, deepening mood.

When that happens I know I can do one of two things.

I can lay there in bed and let the negative thoughts do their worst.

Or I can do something to try to change the negative thoughts to positive, or at least alleviate the negative.

So I got up, pressed play on the stereo and listened to some songs on an iTunes mix I have.

Sometimes there are particular songs that help.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter a whole lot what song it is, what helps is simply the fact that there is something, music, to distract my mind from negative thoughts.

I once went onto Twitter and put out a tweet which asked simply what the best antidote to depression is?

Can’t remember who it was but someone responded with one word…”distraction”.

They had a point.

What do you do to ‘head off’ negative thoughts?

Do you put on some music, read a book, pray, write, watch television?

Over to you 🙂


4 comments on “What gets you through the night?

  1. Rosalie Squires
    March 9, 2013

    Must try that sometime.
    Usually, I write. Not the sort of stuff for anyone else to ever see – imagine some of the ‘worst’ of the psalms…

    • Through Another Lens
      March 9, 2013

      Thanks for comment!

      I have a little book myself with “Not the sort of stuff for anyone else to ever see” written at different points through the years. I find the worst of the Psalms to be the best at empathy. There are a couple Psalms I turn to because, if not always providing answers they do show that ‘I am understood’.

      I’m actually really glad you left your comment because I was pondering deleting this post. Sometimes I read a post I’ve published and think “That’s rubbish, what was I thinking!” But I left it on, just in case 🙂

      I have a follow-up post that kind of goes with this one. Maybe I’ll finish it now!

      Thanks again.

  2. Rebecca Hardesty
    March 11, 2013

    I am pretty new to the “heading off negative thoughts” and am an expert in making them worse. However, when I recognize my negativity I go and pet my dog and try to really experience (without indulging in) whatever the feelings are. I have found that by accepting the negativity without resisting it causes it to dissipate.

    Distraction is also a great thing: going for a walk, cooking, laundry, listening to a musical, and watching cat videos on YouTube – these all help.

    • Through Another Lens
      April 5, 2013

      Sorry Rebecca, playing catch up here!

      I think making negative thoughts worse is human nature, heading them off is what human nature can be trained to do until it becomes a good habit to have 🙂

      Pets (my wee dog is evidence) are a great source of ‘negative thought alleviation’. Someone once called them the best anti-depressant. There’s much truth in that.

      I agree up to a point that accepting negativity can cause it to dissipate. But I think there are times when dark thoughts are dangerous and submitting to them can lead to worse and that should be avoided. I think it depends on the type of negativity and the personality of the person, to some extent.

      Thanks for thoughts.

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