Grandpa was an Atheist – Part 1 (No design without a Designer)

No design without a Designer
No design without a Designer

My Grandpa (sadly no longer with us) was an Atheist.

Then, one day, he saw a flower growing.

He bent down for a closer look.

He saw its beauty, its simplicity and its complexity.

He started to think about what he was seeing.

He finally concluded with the thought, “There can be no design without a designer.”

From that time onwards, Grandpa believed in the existence of God.

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  1. That reminds me so much of “the Watchmaker Analogy:” such complexity necessitates an intelligent designer. I think your grandfather’s revelation is very elegant and much more comprehensible than the watch analogy.

    • Thank you Rebecca. I have the same view as Grandpa. I can’t look at the world, nature, animals, humanity etc…and not conclude that there is an intelligence behind it all. Makes very little sense to me otherwise. Although I do have a problem with wasps, and bees, anything with wings that can sting you πŸ™‚ Pigeons as well, I’m not find of pigeons!

      Both sets of my grand parents were Christian. When I was growing up I wasn’t at the stage where I could chat to them about faith. I didn’t really know anything other than a vague notion of ‘God’. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to chat with them now, I’d love that. I will see them again one day but it’s one of those ‘I wish I could…’ thoughts for this world now.

      Thanks for comment.

      I hope you got your phone dilemma sorted out, I’m at that stage just now πŸ™‚

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