Invisibility: “God, materialise…now!”

Where are you God?
Where are you God?

You know what I dislike sometimes?

God’s invisibility.

Yes, I know He speaks to us through actual people and physical objects but there are times, especially when I was ill, when I really wanted to have Jesus there physically in front of me so I could talk to Him.

It just mattered, really mattered.

I just seemed to need to see Him physically.

Once or twice I became so agitated about it that I actually demanded that He appear in front of me (yes, I likely resembled a mad person). Of course He didn’t and my anger dissipated but the frustration remained and still rears its head from time to time.

If you look in the Bible, we see that in the Old Testament, the first half of the Bible, before Jesus was born into this world, God spoke through His prophets although Jesus sometimes appeared on earth in His pre-incarnate form.

Then Jesus came into this world as a human being, growing from newborn baby to fully grown man. He was God-on-earth dwelling amongst humanity and God spoke to the world then directly through Him because He was God in the flesh. So He was, at that time, on this earth and in this world,  physically.

Jesus ascended and sent His Spirit to us.
Jesus ascended and sent His Spirit to us.

Then after the ascension, when Jesus returned to heaven, after His crucifixion and resurrection, He sent His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and God speaks to us today through His Holy Spirit and in His Word, the Bible. There are accounts and occasions today when Jesus is still said to appear to people in this world, after His ascension, just as He appeared in pre-incarnate form before His physical birth.

But mainly we are now in the era of His spiritual presence and will see Him again physically when He returns to bring an end to fallen human history.

So there are times and phases throughout human history to how God reveals Himself to us but always in complete unity with the person and work and message of His Son Jesus Christ.

This is one reason why we do not see Jesus in physical form before us now. It is one reason why, when I was ill and demanded to see Him in physical form, I didn’t. But then He did show Himself in other ways, physically. In the form of my family, my dog, and in the material world in books and films. Yes, I still wanted to see Him physically, not through someone or something else, but Himself, as He is now. It frustrated me greatly but in time I learned to enjoy His presence as it is and not as I wanted it to be. I learned that the lack of His physical presence didn’t nullify any of His promises or curtail any of His promised love and care.

I also learned the wonders of what it means to say “God is spirit and those who worship Him do so in spirit and in truth.”

Just thought I’d say.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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