a completely random opening to a non-existent story (1)

***(Here’s the deal. When trying to write stories I’m not great on plotting in advance (building characters and locations etc indepth before I start writing about them) and if I try to ‘plot forward’ I end up confusing myself, so awhile ago I decided to experiment and start writing a story ‘off the top of my head’. I gave myself the following rules: I won’t plan anything in advance, I’ll just write as it comes into my head and see where it goes and wherever it goes, there it will be. When I write the next chapter/bit/section, I can’t go back and change anything I’ve already written in a previous chapter. I only ever got as far as two actual ‘bits of writing’ but now I’ve gone back and found them and I’m going to see what people (anyone/everyone) thinks. If anyone thinks it’s worth pursuing then I might continue it again. Here goes with the very first ‘off the top of my head with no pre-planning bit, unchanged from the original’. It’s short, kind of like a preface to a novel. PS. this bit of writing and all following it shall hereby be completely copyrighted to me…although if anyone wants to plagiarise it and let me sue them in court for the royalties…feel free…)***

***To summarise the above, what you’re really reading here is the very first draft of an entirely random unwritten story. The kind of draft that would really be totally revised, edited etc before actually being viewed by anyone. But as I say, this is experimental.***


Title: A Completely Unplanned and Unplotted Story


The boy stood before the open window. Somehow, in the dead of night, he had managed to open it without a sound. Making any noise would surely have drawn attention to his room and attention would mean his incarceration at best, his death at worst.

It was now or never, he knew that, had known that in all his planning for this night.

He knew that this was his one chance to escape. Whatever dangers lay ahead of him, beyond the window he stood before, he knew that facing those dangers was better than staying here. To stay was to resign himself to a fate his very soul raged against. He had to take this chance, it was the only one he would have for several years. He was sure he could not survive in this place for several more years and retain his sanity.

He could feel the soft cool breeze on his skin, flowing in through the window. It was a good feeling, it felt like freedom, or at least a chance to save himself. He would rather take that chance, successful or not, than stay here.

He said one last silence prayer to his god, the god he had whispered to in the silent watches of endless nights in this room.

Then he silently climbed out of the window and was gone.

End of part one 🙂

Comments welcome.

If it’s rubbish, tell me it’s rubbish, I can take it. But don’t be rude about it 🙂



  1. It’s a bit like the Ohio kidnapping coming to an end. Maybe he dives over to a neighbour and announces his release from captivity…. but maybe no one knew he was gone…

    • Thanks for your comment!

      Interesting take on the writing.

      I’d never considered your interpretation but it does make a kind of sense.

      Curious that the writer, as he’s writing, can imagine one scenario, and a reader a completely different one!

      Second instalment coming up soon 🙂

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