Slaying Dragons…

Slaying Dragons
Slaying Dragons

“Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G K Chesterton

I love fantasy/science fiction, whether books or films or video games or simply thinking about what might be possible. I love the creative and sometimes bizarre ways that characters in fantasy/science fiction come up with to defeat the invincible monster, to climb the impassable mountain, to find the richest treasure in the most unlikely places, to utilize their surroundings and achieve the amazing.

Who would have thought the fire breathing dragon could be immobilized by playing a flute? Who would imagine the deep lake where monsters swim could be crossed by one spell to freeze its surface? Who could have seen that the uncrossable chasm actually had a bridge but you could only see it from an unusual angle with the sun at a certain height and by placing one foot forward onto thin air in faith, only to find your foot on the first solid section of the bridge as your heart leaps in joy? Who would have thought?

What I love is that the good guys/gals are usually up against incredible odds, staring defeat in the face…yet one way or another or somewhere inbetween, sometimes because of the weakest characters finding strength, the fearsome dragons are defeated and the unlikely hero/s win the day. The unlikely hero often the person who doesn’t give up when every else has, when logic says ‘there’s no way through’ but the unlikely hero thinks on different levels of logic altogether, sees what no one else can, refuses to contain the power of possibility.

I love how God uses His unfathomable imagination and creativity in the Bible. Who would have thought the walls of Jericho would crumble by marching around them and then shouting out loud? Who would have imagined the giant Goliath would be felled by one boy with a sling and a stone and no armour?

God uses unlikely hero’s and apparently weak people and, sometimes, strange and unexpected means.

Gives me hope 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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