How Science Led Me to A Deeper Faith.

Reblogged from Historical Jesus Studies site, with thanks.

Bishop's Encyclopedia of Religion, Society and Philosophy


By Hannah Birky – a major in Cell and Molecular Biology.

“As a cell & molecular biology major studying at a Christian liberal arts school, science and faith have often been at the forefront of my life in the past four years. I experienced conflicts between the two, but not the kind of conflicts you might expect. I never felt that I had to choose between my Christian beliefs and my scientific understanding of the world; rather, I had hard time developing enthusiasm for molecular biology as a spectacular piece of God’s creation. To me, molecular biology was abstract, hard to study, and somewhat distant from the world I could see and feel. I knew, of course, that molecular biology was an important field, especially in terms of human health, but I had a hard time caring or seeing the beauty in it. Transcription factors and the sodium-potassium pump didn’t…

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