If you don’t want an answer don’t ask the question!


In the run up to the British EU referendum vote, and in its aftermath, there have been various views on the holding of the referendum itself.

There should never have been a referendum.

It should be left to the politicians.

The country shouldn’t be held to ransom because of internal Tory politics.

We need another referendum.

It’s not fair that with the country split this vote should count.

Of all the various responses to the EU referendum result this one stood out to me. A news channel interviewer asked a lady in either Newcastle or Sunderland, her thoughts on the chaotic fallout. She replied, very well I thought:

“If you don’t want an answer don’t ask the question.”

The question was asked…in the belief that the answer was already known. The result would be Remain. It’s safe to ask the question if you know you’ll get the answer you want.

But they didn’t get the answer they wanted.

If you don’t want an answer…

You asked the question.

You opened the door.

You assumed you knew who would walk through, a majority waving an EU friendly banner.

That you were so shocked at the result tells me that you were too detached from the public, too far removed from the disenfranchised, those for whom the EU has not worked.

You unwittingly gave them a voice.

They have grabbed the microphone you offered them and they have spoken and now some of you are quickly trying to erase the message they left.


Their view counts.

It has put you in a terrible position you didn’t anticipate.


You have to listen to the voice of the discontented now.

This is of your own doing.

You are there to represent the people.

You have not represented the people.

Or certainly not all of them, only those you wanted to represent.

You handed the microphone to those whose voice you didn’t want to hear.

They took it and they spoke.

They have spoken.

That you don’t like what they’ve said isn’t their fault.

It’s actually your fault.

You gave them the platform they’ve craved so long.

Now you have to listen.

Now you have to act.

Don’t let them down.

Don’t you dare let them down.

If you don’t want an answer don’t ask the question.

You asked the question.

You have your answer.

You opened the door.

Your move…

Norman Graham


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