Can Trump be the hero for North Korean prisoners?


Whatever anyone thinks of Donald Trump and whatever anyone thinks of whether the North/South Korea talks are genuine or some ruse, all Christians should be hoping and praying that this is the start of an opening of North Korea.

Unlikely as this scenario has seemed in recent years with North Korea under current leader Kim Jong-un listed by Open Doors website as the number one worst country in the world where Christians and other minorities are persecuted, few could deny that God appears to be working in the world today in a unique way. Could we be bold enough to say that God is working today in North Korea to open it up, could God be answering the prayers of the estimated 300,000 Christians in North Korea today?

We should hope that whatever economic or other incentives Donald Trump and the US administration is offering in return for what some media outlets have described as the denuclearisation of North Korea (it should be noted that not everyone believes North Korea has offered denuclearisation), includes as a condition the closing of North Korean hard labour camps (or at the very least the easing of terrible conditions) which imprison Christians and other minorities for no other reason than being Christian or disagreeing with the North Korean state.

One can only hope and pray.

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