Messengers by Stephen Martin & Joseph Marks

Messengers is a tour de force of information, illustrations and anecdotes about why we listen to some people but not others and the effect this can have regarding what we believe or don’t. There is a plentiful list of data from scientific research from which the authors draw their conclusions. At face value it’s an excellent popular level study and draws examples from the worlds of high finance, social media, celebrity and politics to name a few.

It should be required reading for anyone who wants to be better informed and aware of why we might listen to some people but reject others, of why we might reject a good argument in favour of a bad one depending on who is offering the argument. It should help us understand our own subconscious biases as well.

The reason I’m giving this four rather than five is simply because while there are plenty of referenced studies and data, I simply don’t have time to check them to see if I agree with the studies themselves or the writer’s analysis of them, so to some extent I’m taking on trust the conclusions from these studies. Definitely recommended though, well worth reading.

Score: 4/5

Review via NetGalley/Random House UK/Cornerstone ARC.

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