Richard Dawkins, C. S. Lewis, and the Meaning of Life, by Alister McGrath

Author: Alister McGrath

Title: Richard Dawkins, C. S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life

Publisher: SPCK

Pages: 80

Published: May 2019

Rating: 3/5

As a long time fan of Alister McGrath I was excited to see this book available for review on NetGalley. I have mixed feelings about it though. It seems to be a very basic primer for those interested in comparing the thoughts of Dawkins and Lewis on the meaning of life.

While Alister McGrath is certainly well qualified in knowledge about both Dawkins and Lewis, my issues with this book is that there simply isn’t enough of it. Each time I felt the chapters were just getting going they ended and left me thinking “Is that all?” On Kindle when I got to 80% I turned the page to discover the rest was a list of footnotes/endnotes etc. On checking Amazon I discovered it’s listed as just 80 pages long. McGrath himself calls it a “short book” at the end but for me it’s not really a book rather more of a booklet. There just isn’t enough of it. Is suspect this is the kind of book McGrath could probably write from memory in his coffee break to be honest and he himself has dealt in greater depth with both writers in previous books. It’s useful as a very basic primer but I’d seek McGrath’s own back catalogue for a study with more scope.

Thanks to NetGalley/SPCK for ARC.

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