About TAL

What is Through Another Lens?

Update: Through Another Lens is aimed at being a magazine style site with a bit of everything but geared towards book reviews and articles themed around books and authors. More general and news orientated posts will appear here also. I am also working on a new site which is for my own writings, musings etc but more of that when it’s ready for public viewing!

Me: Hi! I’m Norman, 49 year old Christian man from Glasgow. I was diagnosed several years ago as on the Adult Autism Spectrum. I had a breakdown many years ago and plunged into the terrifying world of depression. I survived…I know…yay me! I have learned/am learning, to live with anxiety and to finally allow myself to be myself. I love escaping into the world of literature and have several projects ‘in process’ to try to write my own books, don’t we all! I’m a slow reader but trying to develop a faster reading style.  While I’ll read most genres I’m particularly interested in books with a spiritual or metaphysical edge…although technically that could be any book. Oh…and I only drink decaf coffee. Yeh I know it’s not ‘proper’ coffee but in the interests of actually getting any sleep at night this insomniac avoids caffeine like the plague.

TAL’s (and my own) interests: 

I read across genres having no specific favourite. I cover crime, thriller, general fiction, humour, science fiction, fantasy, horror (okay scary but I have my limits) and (auto)biography. I also like books across genres which have a spiritual edge and deal with questions of morality…although you could argue that covers all books! I also love reading theology and philosophy.

If you have any suggestions (helpful suggestions!) about Through Another Lens then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.


Norman Graham


PS. All postings on Through Another Lens are subject to change and revision without warning. Other than this warning…

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