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Book Review: Undivided Heart by Lucy Mills

Title: Undivided Heart Subtitle: Finding Meaning and Motivation in Christ Author: Lucy Mills Publication Year: 2017 Length: 171 pages Reviewer: Norman Graham (Editor of Through Another Lens) Rating: 5/5   … Continue reading

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Book Review: Adam and the Genome

Book: Adam and the Genome Subtitle: Reading Scripture after Genetic Science Authors: Dennis R. Venema and Scot McKnight Publication Year: 2017 Reviewed: Dr James Graham, retired General Practitioner, Glasgow. Rating: 4/5 … Continue reading

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Short personal tribute to Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave, 1964-2017.

Rock musician Chris Cornell, of bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, has died at the age of 52, shortly after performing at a concert in Detroit. According to reports his death is … Continue reading

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Why this Rangers fan isn’t embarrassed to finish third behind Aberdeen.

As a Rangers fan I was interested in Derek McInnes, the Aberdeen manager’s words, spoken a day before tonight’s (17/5/17) game (Aberdeen beat Rangers at Ibrox for the first time … Continue reading

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When you need to bounce!

  My sister and her partner recently order a trampoline for their almost teenager daughter. She’s on the autism/aspergers spectrum. When she needs to burn off energy she likes to … Continue reading

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God is a Jack Russell

Some time ago I read a Facebook comment from a woman (Lucy Mills – author and editor, click her name to read all about her) who had been out walking … Continue reading

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Can I read Robert Jordan in heaven?

  I admit I’ve been feeling quite sad lately although I’m not sure I should admit this. People feel sad about all sorts of things far more serious than this … Continue reading

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Awake to Night

Awake to Night I awake and it is still night. When I slept my sleep was troubled. Before I slept it was dark. Now I awake and it is dark. … Continue reading

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Draxler’s ball for Germany got me thinking.

  It was Germany against Italy in the quarter final of the 2016 football (soccer if you’re American) tournament in France. It wasn’t the most obvious trigger for a spiritual … Continue reading

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If you don’t want an answer don’t ask the question!

In the run up to the British EU referendum vote, and in its aftermath, there have been various views on the holding of the referendum itself. There should never have … Continue reading

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The EU family, more Mafia than Waltons?

  I was listening to a news report (I must stop doing that unless I have blood pressure tablets handy!) in the aftermath of the Brexit vote and they were … Continue reading

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Initial non binding thoughts on a non binding EU referendum.

Update: Since posting these thoughts, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, has spoken and brought a calm of sorts. David Cameron has announced he will step down as … Continue reading

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For love or for reward?

  My family has a new dog, a very fluffy and cute rough collie. He is called Hamish and is five months old. We’ve had him for about five months … Continue reading

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It’s official! I’m an autistic adult and a Christian!

  “…you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my mother’s womb. I thank you, High God – you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvellously made!“ Psalm 139:13 … Continue reading

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I’m offended that you haven’t offended me yet…

It seems that in this ridiculously (and dangerously) politically correct age, you can’t even say something seemingly innocuous without someone taking offence. I don’t think it’s right to set out … Continue reading

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Great cloud of witnesses cheering us on!

When I was a teenager, full of evangelical zeal and determined the world should know about Jesus, I attended a weekend School for Evangelists in Sheffield (sleeping bags on threadbare … Continue reading

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Not my car minister!

I was reading a forum where someone asked the rights and wrongs of a Christian worker setting up a GoFundMe page to raise expenses to get their car repaired. The … Continue reading

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Wow! Gaming moments and the eternal.

Sometimes, without warning, you read a sentence and you stop in your tracks. The same thing can happen with a painting or walking in a park and seeing a stunning … Continue reading

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One size does not fit all, Jesus embraced all, Church must go further still.

I have a big head. Apparently also a big ego. I hope not. My head seems to be physically slightly too big for any of the hats in the shops … Continue reading

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Christian Secular Humanist?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself lately. Can you be a Christian Secular Humanist? In today’s climate in the UK (where I’m based), although I think it applies to Europe, … Continue reading

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How Science Led Me to A Deeper Faith.

Originally posted on James Bishop's Theological Rationalism:
By Hannah Birky – a major in Cell and Molecular Biology. “As a cell & molecular biology major studying at a Christian…

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I Have Forgiven Jesus

Whilst reading a music magazine lately I noticed Morrissey (formerly – unless they reform from time to time – of legendary band The Smiths) has his autobiography out. It’s marketed … Continue reading

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Angry at God

**I wrote this poem some years ago. I’d forgotten I had it. Only recently when sorting through a bundle of A4 paper that had been in a corner of the room for … Continue reading

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The Wall

It rears up in front of me, it blocks my pathway, my progress, my escape route, my future. It is not a person but it has a personality for it … Continue reading

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I am ashamed of the gospel…by my 15 year old self.

…or more accurately, the title should be “I am ashamed of the gospel…by my now 43 year old self looking back to my 15 year old self”. But that’s way … Continue reading

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Slaying Dragons…

“Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” G K Chesterton I love fantasy/science … Continue reading

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Book Review: Seven Days That Divide The World by John Lennox

Book: Seven Days That Divide The World Author: Professor John Lennox Guest Reviewer: Dr James Graham, retired Medical Practitioner and Christian Score: 3/5 Review: Seven Days That Divide The World  … Continue reading

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Magnificent Obsession – Why Jesus is Great

Originally posted on THE BLOG OF DAVID ROBERTSON:
Today my new book came out in the UK – it works as a companion to both The Dawkins Letters and also…

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Book Review: Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Book: Angelology Author: Danielle Trussoni Genre: Thriller/Fantasy Reviewer: Eunice Graham, Founder Wishes and Angels Ltd Rating: 4/5 Plot: When Sister Evangeline (abandoned in convent as a child) finds secretive letters between … Continue reading

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TAL Under Reconstruction! Hold The Front Page!

  Just a note to say that after a bit of thought, Through Another Lens is going to be revised somewhat. It’s always been my aim to take stock and … Continue reading

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a completely random opening to a non-existent story (1)

***(Here’s the deal. When trying to write stories I’m not great on plotting in advance (building characters and locations etc indepth before I start writing about them) and if I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Simply Jesus by Tom Wright

Guest Reviewer: Dr James Graham, retired Christian GP from Glasgow. Rating: 4.5/5 Professor Tom Wright is an eminent New Testament scholar and former Bishop of Durham. He is the author … Continue reading

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A Christian Defends Bangladeshi Atheists.

Some protests supporting Bangladeshi Atheist bloggers, planned around the world on April 25 by various secular and humanist groups, were postponed until May 2, after a Bangladeshi building collapse which … Continue reading

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Love your enemies…even Abu Qatada?

***Since this article was written, Abu Qatada has indicated that, if Jordan ratified a Treaty drawn up by the UK government, which would protect Qatada from evidence gained from torture … Continue reading

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Book Review: He Never Let Go by Lynda Alsford

Guest Reviewer: Dr James Graham, retired Christian GP from Glasgow. Genre: Christian Autobiography Rating: 3.5/5 Christian Evangelist Lynda Alsford was preaching a sermon the week before Christmas in 2009. There … Continue reading

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Health and Safety ruined my cappuccino!

So after a difficult day of doing this and that, I decided my little brain needed some rest and relaxation. I went to one of my regular coffee shops and … Continue reading

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Invisibility: “God, materialise…now!”

You know what I dislike sometimes? God’s invisibility. Yes, I know He speaks to us through actual people and physical objects but there are times, especially when I was ill, when I really wanted … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Ruth Valerio:
‘Reading Rowan Williams on C. S. Lewis is like watching two old friends in animated discussion of great, powerful themes’, says Tom Wright (thus completing…

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Grandpa was an Atheist – Part 1 (No design without a Designer)

My Grandpa (sadly no longer with us) was an Atheist. Then, one day, he saw a flower growing. He bent down for a closer look. He saw its beauty, its … Continue reading

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Advantages of being ‘nice’, regrets when I’m not and, oh yes, motives!

Advantages of ‘being nice’ A few days ago I was, as I sometimes am, in a coffee shop, happily sipping my decaf americano and reading (it might have been a … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Pam's Perambulation:
This is based on today’s lectionary reading, Luke 15:1-3, 11-32, but it also works with the theme of Lent 4 and returning to Mother…

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What gets you through the night?

Last night was, if I’m honest, a fairly bad night. Couldn’t sleep, negative thoughts, deepening mood. When that happens I know I can do one of two things. I can … Continue reading

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How Not To Evangelise… (warning: incompetent Christian content)

Sometimes Christians get the message right but the method wrong. This happened to me a lifetime ago. It’s a good example of good intentions but getting, well, almost everything wrong! … Continue reading

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CD Review: Madness, Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da

I love Madness, they were part of the musical soundtrack I grew up with until, like so many other bands of that era (Blondie, Duran Duran to name but two), … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and the Potential of Difficult People: A Quantum Leap of a Connection!

Anyone who has read Peter Hamilton’s first novel in the Night’s Dawn series (The Reality Dysfunction) will know that it gets pretty technical before it really gets going, you run … Continue reading

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The Undiscovered Country

Sometimes you see a film, read a book, notice a picture and it seems to sum up where you are in life at that moment. That happened with me when … Continue reading

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Keep Dreaming, Your Dreams Matter!

    Do whatever you have to do but keep the dream alive. You have no idea how much future generations will thank you for it 🙂 Thanks for reading. … Continue reading

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Weapons of Mint Destruction, or Cobblers!

***This is a little piece of writing that I previously posted on a different blog some time ago. Someone left a comment saying it was the biggest load of cobblers … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Lucy Mills:
Here’s a surprise for you – I’ve published a new collection of poems and prayers, currently only on Kindle for the special introductory price of…

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Hope Street, where nothing ever happens…

There is a street in Glasgow, Scotland, called Hope Street. I have walked down that street often. Nothing ever happens. I start at the beginning of the street or join … Continue reading

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I have a splitting headache, or is it a migraine?

The other day I was talking to someone and they said their friend had a migraine. Having suffered that pain myself I sympathised with them. I said “Is your friend … Continue reading

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